ADRA Update on Asia Tsunami

ST. ALBANS, ENGLAND [ANR] – Three weeks after the Asia tsunami disaster, the death toll is now estimated over 159,000 (this figure is now anticipated to rise to over 189,000), with over 24,000 still missing. Some 2.2 million people have been displaced while over 1,026,000 are believed to be homeless. These figures are expected to […]

Social Support Program For The Disadvantaged Of Riga

RIGA, LATVIA [ANR] – Unemployment is an increasing problem in Latvia. Eleven percent of the population in Riga are unemployed and in some rural districts the figures are as high as sixty percent. The cities still offer a few job opportunities, but outside of Riga it is quite hopeless. Although foreign company investment is rising […]

Mainīt situāciju

“Vairākus gadus mēs esam palīdzējuši bērnu namiem lielākajās pilsētās. Šogad mēs esam nolēmuši izpētīt situāciju Lietuvas trūcīgo mazpilsētu bērnu namos. Vai Jūs kā direktors redzat kādas vajadzības Jūsu vadītajā bērnu namā? Ja jā, tad lūdzam sastādiet sarakstu un atsūtiet mums to pa e-pastu izskatīšanai.” Mēs uzdevām ļoti vienkāršu, īsu un konkrētu jautājumu Lietuvas bērnu namu […]

Making a Difference

“For the last couple of years we have been helping orphanages in larger cities. This year we decided to investigate some other orphanages in smaller, poorer sections of Lithuania. As Director, do you see that your orphanage has any needs? And if you do, would you make a list and email it to us for […]

Lithuania: To Look After Orphans

“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans . . .” The above text from the epistle of James is a text that I encourage all who read this article to try. Over the 8 years that I have worked in Lithuania and the 26 years that […]

Adventists Clean Up The Environment

TARTU, ESTONIA. Seventh-day Adventist Church members in Tartu, Estonia, organised an Environmental day on Sunday, 2 June during which they cleaned up a small valley in Tartu that was used as a dumping ground for years by some of the locals. The Tartu City Cleaning Service suggested that church members clean up this valley. Madis […]