CREATION Health training

God has blessed Seventh-day Adventists with a health message that has resulted in better health and longer lives according to Blue Zones research and Adventist Health Studies. CREATION Health is the essence of the Adventist health message, put into a contemporary language and supported by the evidence-based Science. From 12th to 14th April, church members […]

2nd European Health Conference in Bucharest, Part II

2nd European Health Conference in Bucharest, Part II   The third day of the conference Vitriato Ferreira, MBChB Key factors in achieving and maintaining normal weight According to OECD there are more and more people overweight and obese. And more and more young people become overweight and obese. The results are heart disease, type 2 […]

2nd Global Conference on Health and Lifestyle

2nd Global Conference on Health & Lifestyle that took place on 8 – 12 July had more than 1100 participants from very many countries from all over the world. The participants could enjoy passionate and inspirational presentations from highly professional lecturers. We were very blessed by their knowledge and example and by their focus on […]

Mission To The Cities Meeting in London

London, England. 6 people from the Baltic Union Conference had opportunity to spend 10 days in London and to take part in the Mission to the Cities (MTTC) evangelistic series. Each day we had to travel to different evangelistic events and see how it’s done by pastors and lay members in London. Here’s what our […]

Dr Th Jan Paulsen visits Riga

On January 14th and 15th former president of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist Church visited Riga. Jan Paulsen has served as a leader in Adventist Church for 51 years, he was a dean of Newbold college (UK), president of the Trans–European Division of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist Church and finally president of […]

Oct. 24, Creation Sabbath

The world church has declared Sabbath, Oct. 24, 2009 as Creation Sabbath. The Web site was created to help with planning and to provide materials for churches to prepare for this event that honors God as our Creator. Please visit the above link for sample sermons, informational articles, children’s stories, scripture passages, hymns and […]

European Pastors’ Council

Dalfsen, the Netherlands – De Bron Christian Conference Centre was the venue for the European Pastors’ Council (EPC), held in the Netherlands 11 – 15 September, to which pastors and Bible workers, from across the Trans-European Division (TED), together with their spouses, had been invited. Months of planning by a team led by Dr Daniel […]

Lithuanian Bishops Welcome Curb on Alcohol Advertising

Vilnius/Lithuania, 13.07.2007 (ENI) Roman Catholic bishops in Lithuania have thanked those who contributed to the passing of a law that bans the advertising of alcoholic drinks during daytime and evening hours on radio and television. “We wish to express our approval and gratitude to the members of parliament who initiated the corrections of the alcohol […]