BAUC Winter Meeting

Baltic Union Conference Executive Committee bi-annual meeting
Baltic Union Conference Executive Committee bi-annual meeting
Sunday, Dec. 5, 2004. Baltic Union Conference Executive Committee meeting was held in Riga, Latvia.

The main decisions were:

  1. To increase offerings for local churches in year 2005.
  2. Executive committee elected a new youth leader in Baltic Union — Aira Arina.
  3. The budget for Baltic Union was accepted for year 2005.
  4. The Church Planting strategy and Global Mission plans were accepted for year 2005.
  5. The information from GC Annual Council and TED Winter meetings were given.
  6. The traveling schedule for Baltic Union staff was accepted.
  7. The grievance and discipline procedure rules were accepted for Baltic Union.
  8. The student sponsorships were accepted for students in Newbold College: Arunas Cherkasas, Rigo Hallang, Juris Rekis, Rainer Kriisk for BA class.
  9. The membership in Baltic Union has grown from 6593 (IV Q 2003) to 6641 (III Q 2004). One new church is added in year 2004. Now we have 84 Adventist churches in the Baltic countries.
    • There were 215 baptisms and 8 members were added by profession of faith.
    • 223 souls were added in total. The sad news is that 98 members died, 48 members dropped and 22 missing.
    • The net growth is 48 people (0.73%).

Guntis Bukalders,
Baltic Union Conference Communication Director