MA in Religion

MA in Religion (Andrews University) provides a solid foundation in biblical knowledge and theological disciplines, critical thinking, and research abilities, enabling one to pursue interdisciplinary collaboration in research and learning with non-theological disciplines. It provides pastors, teachers, and administrators with a thorough understanding of Adventist history, beliefs, and practices, and the ability to think critically and collaboratively in matters of religion. This interdisciplinary program has been offered by Andrews University for many years in places like Hong Kong, Poland, Romania, Russia, Taiwan, and Ukraine. And for the first time, Baltic Union students will have an opportunity join the cohort of students in Poland.

Cost: 220 to 375 EUR yearly for students sponsored by the church. Travel and accommodation are included.

Intensives: 2×2 weeks a year in Podkowa Lesna (Poland) at their SDA seminary.

Duration: 4 years.

Group size: 12 to 30 students.

Graduation requirements: Modules + comprehensive exam or thesis if preferred.

Prerequisites: If your BA is from a different field, you will need to take part in an additional course to earn 12 US credits in these subjects:

  • Church History (2)
  • New Testament Studies (2)
  • Old Testament Studies (2)
  • Theological Studies (2)
  • Adventist Studies (4)

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The core subjects included in the curriculum are:

  • History of Seventh-day Adventist Theology
  • Issues in Ellen G. White Studies
  • Methods in Biblical & Theological Research
  • Doctrine of the Sanctuary
  • Studies in the Gospels
  • Studies in Revelation
  • Studies in Daniel
  • Studies in the Pentateuch

Other subjects that may be included are:

  • Archaeology and the Bible
  • Studies in Prophets
  • Studies in the Pauline Writings
  • Studies in Acts and General Epistles
  • Studies in Hebrews
  • Doctrine of the Church
  • Doctrine of God
  • Doctrine of Salvation
  • The Works of Christ

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