Online Privacy and Security

Baltic Union Conference (BAUC) takes the privacy and protection of your personal information very seriously. We aim to meet the best guidelines, including the “General Data Protection Regulation” (GDPR).

Personal Information

You can browse the BAUC website freely without entering any personal information, and BAUC will not record any personal details from your visit. This web site does not offer user registration or email subscriptions. Only BAUC staff members have their accounts on this web site. Registered users (BAUC employees) can open or edit an account on this web site and may enter as much information as they wish. They can modify their online account information at any time.

User account information is stored on a secure site and accessible only to select BAUC personnel. User’s password is encrypted and cannot be retrieved by anyone, hence if a user forgets it, he/she must request a new password be sent to his/her registered email address.

We never sell user information or pass it on to any other entity. You will never receive unsolicited emails from us.

Registered users may request that all but their username and email be removed from their online account, or that we delete their user account altogether.


Like all websites that have personal accounts, the BAUC website uses cookies to allow our visitors to sign in to their accounts and thus have access to their posts, articles and comments for the duration of their visit. When you visit our site, your web browser accepts a small text file, popularly called a cookie. In that text file is a unique ID we assign to your computer, the name of our website (so that no one else can access it), and a number that tells your computer that this cookie will expire the next time you close your browser. That cookie ID matches a session ID on our server. When you sign in to your account our web pages know which account information online belongs to you. Cookies are just a secure way of restricting account information to the proper owners who have validly signed in to our site. Cookies are not used to gather any information from visitors. Any private information you see on our site is entered willingly by you, and it is stored in our secure databases, not in your cookie. The cookie only stores the unique session ID which you have established with our server, therefore they cannot be accessed by any other website. Your information is protected.

Security Features

The success of our web page depends on our readers’ confidence in their privacy and security. This is very important to us and we utilize the latest encryption technology and security features on our website to ensure that your information remains safely protected.