Cold Weather Cannot Stop The Goespel Message!

LATVIA. Just a few days ago we finished our evangelistic seminar in small town Smiltene where lives about 10.000 people. Meetings were held by the Baltic Union president Valdis Zilgalvis and Global Mission director in BAUC Andrejs Arinsh. Five days a week approximately 50 people attended these meetings though sometimes there was very cold — even -30°C! Last Sabbath Valdis and Andrejs baptised 11 persons and another 2 persons came to be baptised from the other side of Latvia. Another 10 persons said they are willing to be baptised in the nearest future.

On March 8 in Valmiera local pastor Vilnis Latgalis started evangelistic seminar. In this city live 30.000 people and a few years ago we baptised there more than 50 persons after one such seminar. Of course, times are changing and we don’t hope to have again so much people attending seminar, but we received news that about 30 people came to the first meeting.

One week ago in Valmiera was held youth meeting for Vidzeme region. Youth had interesting time together with quizzes, sport games, singing, videos, etc.

In Aizkraukle more than 30 people very Sabbath and Tuesday come together to worship God. Last year Thomas Neslund, Director of ICPA from GC, held meetings and organised new congregation there. There was not our Church in that area before. He baptised 13 persons but by now there are 24 baptised church-members. We can see there fruits of the daily work of local pastors with people after the seminar is finished.

On March 14 we are waiting teenagers from Norway. They will have winter vocations and will enjoy friendship with Adventist teenagers in Latvia.

Publishing department of Baltic Union Conference issued first book with colour pictures for children “Bedtime Stories #1” both in Latvian and Estonian languages. It was first co–production with Estonian Conference Publishing department. We received colour separations from The Stamborough Press. We hope that our children will be happy.

Sarkandaugava’s Christian school operated by our Church is passing through State’s attestation. Until now everything goes well and on Thursday will be last exams. Recently children ensemble of Sarkandaugava’s Christian school issued music cassette with their songs. It was real surprise for all of us.

Riga I Church is willing to meet 100 year anniversary of Adventism in Baltic in autumn of this year by holding 3 series of evangelistic meetings in the different places in Riga. Two of them already are started. What is interesting, is that two of these meetings will be held by lay–members with a little help from their local pastors.

Few days ago in Latvia was elected new Bishop of Baptist Church Conference of Latvia Andrejs Sterns. We hope we will find common ground for good relationships.

Guntis Bukalders,
Baltic Union Conference Communication Director