General Conference Session: No Change to Present Policy on President

July 7, 2005 St. Louis, Missouri, United States.

General Conference Session 2005 in St Louis, USA

In a decision July 7 at the Adventist world church business session, delegates voted to uphold the “no limit” for a world church presidency term. The church’s constitution and by-laws does not include a term limit, and will remain so.

World church presidents are either re-elected or a new president is elected at the “General Conference Session” every five years, but no limit is placed for the term of presidency.

However, delegates voted to accept a motion to make an amendment to the document’s wording that would put it in a more “positive light.”

One delegate in favor of having a term limit set for world church presidency, said, “Since we are a growing church, I don’t believe we are a grown-up church. We need more younger leaders to take up the role as leaders of the church,” said Carmelito Jr Galang from the church’s Southern Asia Pacific region, suggesting that a term limit would permit more adaptability to change of leadership.

Another delegated asked how the church can promote bringing new leadership into the system.

Speaking from the platform, Gerry Karst, a general vice president of the world church, expressed his opposition “to impose limits” on this issue. “We operate differently than outside governments or corporations. We believe in the direction and guidance of the Holy Spirit.”

Wendi Rogers / ANN