Light Without a Cost

Kihnu, ESTONIA. On July 19–21 young people from Pärnu and Viljandi Adventist church visited small Kihnu Island with the aim to spread the Word of God there.

Young folks were accompanied by the Conference youth leader and Viljandi church pastor Riigo Hallang, Tallinn church pastor Andres Ploompuu and Estonian Conference president Ylo Pärna.

Instead of selling the literature, this time they shared the books and brochures without any cost. From that the weekend was named: Light Without a Cost!

During these days they left there over 300 books. The experience was new and exciting for everybody, and useful to islanders and also to our young people.

Local people were very eager to accept the literature. They were open to speak with Adventist youth about the spiritual issues and also about their daily life in this little island.

Most famous books amongst people were books about health issues and also Ellen White’s books: “Desire of Ages”, “Great Controversy” and “Acts of the Apostles”.
Kihnu Island is biggest island in Liivi bay. The population of the island is 513.

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Annemai Noorkõiv & Lauri Beekman,
Estonian Conference Communication Director