Meeting Women’s Ministries’ leaders

On Sunday, 1 February, 2015 BAUC Women’s Ministries’ leaders came together in Riga to listen to each other’s plans; share joys and sorrows; pray for each other; and to experience and share mutual encouragement.
A big part of the meeting was dedicated to discussing the plans for the first upcoming WM Conference of the BAUC. The main goal of this conference is to enable the participants to deepen their faith and experience spiritual growth and renewal; also to build networks among women and encourage bond of friendship and mutual support; and the creative exchange of ideas and information, which can be later used in their local churches to bless others as well.
Another goal of the conference is also to provide a gospel touch and health impact in the local community. In addition to this, we want to support the small group of Adventists who gather regularly in that place.
We recognise that it is a huge task to make the conference a success in ways we would like to. Therefore, we need fervent prayers for God to give us wisdom to see and listen to His guidance in this matter.
In the meeting we also talked about Women’s Ministries generally; that sometimes the importance of this Department is not recognised enough, whereas we know that 70% of our church members are women, and it is important for us to feel that we stand shoulder to shoulder in God’s work, ready and equipped to use our talents and skills to touch the heart and tell the world.