Bible School

TARGET AUDIENCE: members who would like to gain more knowledge, but cannot go for the full BA program

CONTENT: video lectures from BA in Religion* (Andrews University)

*Difference from BA: no degree nor credits, short-term, online, choose the amount of content, less requirements

FEE: 10 EUR per module (although finances are not a reason for missing out; if needed, contact us about it)            


*The program can be continued next year with next modules.

Modules 2021/2022

  Biblical Studies Theological & Historical Studies Pastoral Studies Cognates
I   Early Christian History & Mission Pastoral Ministry
in Context
Introduction to Greek I
II Foundations of
Biblical Studies
  Biblical Spirituality Introduction to Greek II
III Pentateuch Understanding Secularism & Postmodernism   Greek Texts
IV Gospels World Religions Contextualization
& Mission
Level Bronze: Choose 1 of the modules in each quarter.
Level Silver: Choose 2 of the modules in each quarter.
Level Gold: Choose 3 of the modules in each quarter.

1 module: ~25h of lectures.

At the end of the module: a quiz and group discussion.