Young People are Interested in Spiritual Things

Kedainiai, Lithuania. The minister of Kedainiai church was surprised to receive the invitation to talk to the young people from one of the local schools. “I was very surprised by the invitation and accepted it as a challenge,” said Mantas Kucinskas, the minister of the Kedainiai SDA church, “it is almost impossible to get in to the schools because mostly Catholics are allowed to teach.” In the meeting with the students and their teachers we discussed the topic “Why Christianity should be relevant to the young people?” Minister was surprised by the number of young people that came to the meeting. One of the teachers admitted, that he was happy that they decided to invite the minister from the Seventh-day Adventist church, despite the fact that they had many other ministers to choose from.

A year ago, church organized the program for the young people “There is an end for everything — the death of the six myths”, which was conducted by pastors Giedrius Rimsa and Mantas Kucinskas.

This program had quite a success among the young people. Because of this evangelistic effort four young people were baptized, and a youth club with the membership reaching almost twenty young people, was established. “I believe that this program prepared the way for the meeting with the students and the teachers, which was organized this year”, says pastor Mantas Kucinskas. “Many of those young people I have met in the Six myths program and was really delighted to see that their interest in spiritual things did not grew weak. We already received the invitation to do the similar program in one of the local orphanages. We are planning to do it at the beginning of the next month.”

Communication Department,
Lithuanian Mission Field