No. It is for anyone willing to grow in knowledge of Bible and be equipped to share it.

Lectures will be held in English and translated into Russian, so one of these languages is mandatory. Study papers can be done in native language.

Yes. Both live-stream and recordings will be provided.

Application for BA will open in April 2021.

If you are considering MA program (starting 2022), but have a degree in different field, please, do not hesitate to fill out this registration form: www.ej.uz/MAinBAUC.

Some career options are: pastor; church administrator; chaplain (in hospital, prison, school, army etc.); teacher of ministerial, theological and religious topics; missionary. Religious studies give skills in critical thinking and reading, observation, written and oral communication essential also to other successfull careers. Yet most importantly it gives knowledge of the Book of Wisdom and Life.

Since the program is heavily sponsored by the church, the fee is around 180 – 320 EUR a year.

3 to 4 years, depending on previous education. 4 years for students from Latvia and Lithuania if no higher education is pursued before.

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