Join us in helping Lithuania to obtain a church building in Klaipeda!

The Adventist Church in Klaipeda, Lithuania, wants to buy its own building. In addition to the donations collected on October 30 in Adventist churches across the Baltic Union, we are collecting donations through bank transfers until December 31.

About the Klaipeda church group

In 1993, Pastor Jim Braket, from the United States, led a Bible seminar and Health Expo in Klaipeda.

A small group formed, which with the help of the Lithuanian Conference, invested heavily into the community, through activities (primarily focused on young people and adults) such as Bible studies, friendship groups, literature evangelism, camps, concerts, health lectures, cooking classes, and quit smoking sessions.

Since the beginning, the group has experienced growth through baptisms every year. This year of 2021 alone, already 4 individuals have given their lives to Jesus. The Klaipeda church is now the largest in all of Lithuania.

How YOU can participate in this effort

The Klaipeda church has outgrown its current facilities. It is looking to buy it’s own building. If you feel impressed to donate to that cause, you can do so directly to the Lithuanian Conference via the Montonio payment service:

  1. Visit the donation page of the Lithuanian Conference.
  2. The third item is relevant to the Klaipeda church. Click on the button on the right that says spausti čia.
  3. Scroll down. In the table, under the column that says kiekis, you can change the amount you’d like to donate. Press ENTER to set the amount.
  4. Scroll down again and click on the button that says apmokėti. It will take you to the Montonio payment service page.
  5. On the top right, choose your country (Estonia/Latvia/Lithuania).
  6. You’ll be then able to choose the bank you want to authenticate with to make your transfer.
  7. Done! 🙂

An appeal from Lithuania and Klaipeda

If you’d like to know more about this project, you can watch this video.

Closed captions (subtitles) are available in Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian.

Press the “CC” to turn them on, then the gear icon to choose your preferred language.

Feel free to share it with your friends and family!