Korinta Church

“Korinta” (Cafe) church – Riga, Latvia
“Korinta” (Cafe) church – Riga, Latvia
Korinta essentially was a dream of a place, where young people’s lives could be touched and changed. Where lonely would find fellowship, thirsty would share a worship experience with other Christians and longing hearts would find Christ.

Korinta is located in the very centre of Riga, the capital of Latvia. The ministries of Korinta and church itself is lead by young people only, where all of them are volunteers – Korinta church has no paid staff. The church was started in the beginning of year 2003, after three people had come back from a church-planting seminar in Sweden. They gathered a team and started planning and organized things to become a church. In the beginning they had a paid pastor, but after experiencing leadership difficulties, they continued to run the church themselves. It was like a fresh start in the beginning of year 2004, where new people joined the core team, new training was done and the existing strategic plan was updated, paying a significant attention to establishing and developing small groups.

The vision of Korinta is to become a numerically and spiritually growing church, where people realize, develop and use their spiritual gifts to reach people for Christ. The target audience is young teens and young adults.

Since its establishment, Korinta is an organized Seventh-day Adventist church. It has got various ministries, such as a core team, small groups, leadership team, worship team, media team, arts team and others.

Every Sabbath they offer a church service with relevant teaching, inspiring music, drama and meaningful prayer time. Worship service is a place where they try to lead people toward a moment of transcendence, where people’s lives are touched and they are challenged to take a decision to make a difference in their lives.

But the real life in Korinta happens during the week, where its rooms are busy with small groups, various teams that prepare for the upcoming worship services and other events.

To meet new unchurched people Korinta organises events, where they go ‘outside the building’, events like retreats, friends’ evenings and camps, where members along with their friends come together, listen to music, sing songs, eat snacks, play lots of games and have various discussions.

Korinta church also willingly organizes and involves in various charity events. The last one was organized during the Christmas time in 2004, when sweets were gathered and an event organized for the blind children in a boarding school.

During the last year Korinta church has grown in membership from 18 to 31 baptised people, with 50 people in average attending their weekly worship services.

Aira Arina,
Korinta church member,
Secretary to Latvian Conference President