Lithuanian Field Constituency Meeting

LITHUANIA, Kaunas. On September 24-26th in Kaunas was held the 6th constituency meeting of Lithuanian Field. Delegates came from all local congregations of Lithuania as well as delegates ex officio from Latvia and Estonia, and guests.

Constituency meeting was opened by the Baltic Union Conference president Valdis Zilgalvis. In his opening keynote V. Zilgalvis emphasised necessity to follow Jesus Christ in preaching, teaching and heeling so as to accomplish our vocation and bring blessing to people around us.

“Constituency meeting passed in high spirits, peacefully and in constructive mood. Delegates elected department directors, confirmed the strategic development plan of the Church and supported the plans for ministries and mission for the upcoming four years,” said Lithuanian Field president Bertold Hibner. “I would like to express my joy especially for four newly ordained pastors and wish them Lord’s help and His grace. I pray for all pastors and particularly for the newly ordained ones that the Lord gives them power to ministry and protect them and their families from evil in this world.”

During the constituency meeting the following pastors were ordained: Giedrius Rimša (Kaunas), Arūnas Čerkesas (Vilkaviškis), Mantas Kučinskas (Klaipėda), Audrius Mačiulis (Tauragė).

Lithuanian Field president Bertold Hibner: “Thinking about the future, I am certain that the Church will acomplish it’s mission in the society — the proclamation of Gospel in the context of the Three Angels Message. I am happy that the delegates showed determination and wish to look for new opportunities in serving people. There are places where Adventist Church has not been in Lithuania yet, therefore I would like to plan and spread Gospel to Eastern and South Eastern part of Lithuania together with our brothers and sisters. I also think that for us, as for the Church it is necessary to think about our role in the local society: as an Institution established by God, which provides hope to the people and fulfills their needs, for the reason that people could feel that hope still exists in Christ even in hard times — it is what Church proclaims and teaches.”

Special church service concluded constituency meeting. Next Lithuanian Field constituency meeting is prospective after four years.

Lithuanian Field Executive Committee:
Bertold Hibner (president)
Deividas Vanagas (treasurer)
Virginijus Radžius (pastor)
Mantas Kučinskas (pastor)
Renata Stonienė (member)
Jūratė Jurginytė (member)
(Lithuanian Field Secretary is still vacant position)

Department Directors:
Public Affairs and Religious Liberty (PARL) — Bertold Hibner (Kaunas)
Evangelism — Mindaugas Pikūnas (Vilnius)
Adventist Mission — Arūnas Čerkesas (Vilkaviškis)
Youth Ministries — Jūratė Jurginytė (Klaipėda)
Sabbath School and Laymen‘s Ministries — Algimantas Jankevičius (Tauragė)
Communications — Mantas Kučinskas (Klaipėda)
Ministers — Danielius Oželis (Mažeikiai)
Sheperdess Ministries — Danutė Eičinienė (Mažeikiai)
Women Ministries — Renata Stonienė (Kaunas)
Health Ministries — Vytautas Kulšė (Alsėdžiai)
Children Ministries — Violeta Baužienė (Šiauliai)
Pathfinders — Robertas Grigas (Alsėdžiai)
Family Ministries — Gintaras Nekis (Alsėdžiai)

Baltic Union Conference president V. Zilgalvis expressed his gratification about the department work and reports at the constituency. “Department reports are well prepared, professional. I am happy to see professional and also spiritual growth here. I am also happy about the newly elected Executive committee. There are many new members, new ideas. For me very touching was closing worship service—so beautiful music and songs. I’d like to thank all who took part in preparing this constituency meeting.”

Mantas Kučinskas,
Lithuanian Field Communication Director