Twenty Baltic Youth Graduate From ‘Relay’…

Riga, Latvia — Twenty young people from the Baltic states of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania graduated after completing four ‘Relay’ modules at two-weeks seminars held in Latvia twice during the past year. This is the first group from the Baltic states that have completed the Relay programme. Relay is the Trans-European Division (TED) Institute of Youth Evangelism.

Nearly 30 participants attended the seminar in Riga, 27 September — 9 October. The module presented the first week was ‘Foundations of Christian Youth Outreach’, taught by Paul Tompkins, TED Youth Director and Michael Hamilton TED Personal Ministries Director. The main focus of this week was practical evangelism. Paul Tompkins said, “The practical outreach element of the course was really exciting, with over 120 questionnaires on the Bible and Society completed in two days and resulting in about 30 names being given, who were interested in learning more about the Bible. These will be followed up locally.”

In the second week, Dr Stephen Currow and Pastor Cedric Vine of Newbold College, presented the elective module, ‘Lay Preaching’. Pastor Vine commented, “Dr Steve Currow and myself have had the privilege of working with a group of highly motivated young people from the Baltic states of Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania. Our objective was to develop their preaching skills. On Monday, each participant was recorded making a brief presentation in order that they might compare their skills before and after the course. Over the next couple of days they covered topics such as delivery skills, the process of biblical interpretation, and types and structures of sermons. On Thursday, each student presented an eight-minute sermon. Feedback was then given. We have been extremely pleased with their development in that delivery was clear and content was thoughtful and structured. The next step is for their skills to be put to good use in their local churches.”

Next year further Relay courses are planned in Denmark, Poland, Serbia and possibly Iceland.

TED Staff/TED News