Lithuanian Mission Field Constituency Meeting

Newly elected Lithuanian Mission Field leadership and Department directors
Newly elected Lithuanian Mission Field leadership and Department directors

Kaunas, LITHUANIA. On 2003.09.19 Lithuanian Mission Field (LMF) held Constituency meeting, which is called every three years. Seventy delegates from all Lithuania were gathered as representatives of their home churches and groups. Baltic Union Conference president Valdis Zilgalvis, secretary Andrejs Arinsh, treasurer Zigurds Laudurgs and Communication department director Guntis Bukalders and president of Estonian Conference Ülo Pärna were present on session as well.

In the opening of the meeting new administration of Lithuanian Mission Field was officially introduced before the whole assembly. (On 2003.07.27 Baltic Union Conference Executive Committee had voted and elected new administration of Lithuanian Mission Field: new Mission Field president Bertold Hibner, secretary Giedrius Rimsha and treasurer Vilma Vanagiene.)

Vision for the future for this session was words of Jesus found in Acts 1:8: “You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

“The kind of ministry Jesus did is an example for believers today, because Jesus was born by the Holy Spirit, He was baptized by the Holy Spirit, and His words and deeds were lead by the Holy Spirit. Jesus commands each church member to be His witness in the Church, to the Christians of other denominations and to the secular people by the power of Holy Spirit,” said V. Zilgalvis in opening speech of the session.

The goal of the Constituency meeting was to elect Executive Committee of Lithuanian Mission Field, to review and accept new strategic plan for the coming three years, to hear the reports from the directors of the church ministry departments and to elect new department leaders.

“I see that delegates who have come to this meeting understand the seriousness of their work, and I believe that we will do a great job today,” said LMF president Bertold Hibner.

Constituency meeting was called for one day, but soon was discovered need for a deeper discussion. It was agreed to take a break and to call another session in the nearest future. However, the new LMF Executive Committee and some departments have already started their work. When the Constituency meeting delegates will meet next time they will have to finish their work on the adoption of the strategic plan and amendments in the church working policy.

“This Constituency meeting assembly was looking for the new ways to do church primary mission — evangelism, and to coordinate work of different departments,” said LMF president Bertold Hibner. “We discussed about how church administration could do better leadership role for the whole mission. I think that it was very good to hear the input from different church delegates. As I was listening, I could see that our church members are ready to work towards the new vision.”

This was already fourth assembly meeting since Lithuania received its independence. During this time church has grown from a few members to almost a thousand. As the time was passing by, there was a search for the new ways to spread the gospel and were tried new ways of work. This Constituency meeting will mark a new start in opening Church doors even wider for people who don’t know Jesus and proclaiming God’s message for the end time even louder.

Mantas Kuchinskas / Guntis Bukalders,
LMF Communication Director / BAUC Communication Director