News from Lithuania

Colporteur Training Seminar

On June 20, 1997 eighteen young people from different cities in Lithuania congregated in the city of Jonava. The purpose: sell as much SDA literature as possible. Training in sales techniques began immediately and within two days the selling began. In the first week, book sales started at 80 books per day and increased to 160 per day by the end of the week. At the time of this writing, the entire city of Jonava has been covered and hundreds of books have been sold. The team is now preparing to move to Mazheikiai.

Pioneer Evangelism

Nine Global Mission Pioneers have been working in various cities in Lithuania since January. There have been many very fruitful contacts and souls have been won for Christ. Most recently, Jonas Butkus and Daiva Valiulyte completed an evangelistic campaign in Jonishkis with the baptism of two people. Mantas Kuchinskas and Vilmantas Kirsnys completed their meetings in the city of Pasvalys with a baptism of four people.

The Pioneer work continues in these cities and we continue to pray and wait for the Holy Spirit’s blessing.


On 19.07.1997 in Siauliai local congregation celebrated her 70th anniversay. In this anniversary worship meeting participated Valdis Zilgalvis, president of the Baltic Union Conference and Andrejs Arinsh, Global Mission co-ordinator in the Baltic Union Conference. Worship meeting was well attended by all Lithuanian Adventists. Many congregations prepared their special programs for this worship service.

Bertold Hibner,
Lithuanian Mission Field Communication Director