News From Estonia

100 Year Anniversary

This year the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Estonia will celebrate her great birthday. A century has passed since in 1897 the Adventist work begun in Estonia. This great anniversary will be celebrated on September 13 in Tallinn, Mere PST. 5. The rented hall is the next door to our Church building at Mere PST. 3., where in Previous years we have held several evangelistic campaigns.

Faith Project

Adventists of Haapsalu have started a faith project, buying a house and preparing blueprints for rebuilding it into a nice new Church. This Chapel, when finished, will be one of the most beautiful modern Churches in Estonia. Adventists in Haapsalu lost their meeting room, when Russian Orthodox Church pretended her building, that was used by our Church for years, after being given to us by Soviet authorities and after we had repaired it thoroughly.

Adventists on TV and Radio

Council of Churches in Estonia have given four weeks every year to our Church to conduct short sermons in State Television and Radio on Sunday morning and on all workdays a Morning Prayer with some word. This way we can preach to big audience without spending a cent of money.

Mati Ploompuu,
Estonian Conference Communication Director