Youth Camp in Estonia

On Friday the 18th of July some 200 people started to gather into countryside near Tartu, in Estonia. The event, so eagerly awaited, was the Estonian Adventist Youth Camp in Lootvina with a motto: “The Law 4 You.”

As people slowly gathered and settled in, those already in place had a chance to participate in creative competition, where they had to make a rope out of the available clothing, swim, sing and do other things. So to say: Creative sport-like activities.

By the evening all who had come had a wonderful experience to receive the upcoming Sabbath by singing and worshiping together. Singing the songs was made easier than ever before. First time in the youth camp history we had a band, using more than a synthesizer or piano.

The Sabbath day was as beautiful as any other for the Christian. But in this case we where all under the bright blue sky and studying the Law. After the sermon about the “purpose of the Law” we had little groups talking about the 10 commandments. What it is so amazing and important in those laws? Everyone had a chance to listen three of them, for an hour and a half altogether.

And there was more to come. One person was baptized and our Youth leader Riigo Hallang made a memorable blessing prayer that the one who was baptized will never forget. Swimming was a natural part of the day because of the 30° Centigrade. After the lunch we had a concert in Lootvina’s community center. Although the majority of the listeners where Adventists, a few local people also were present.

Evening program consisted of singing, karaoke, awarding the winners and quests, and other fun, including flame and night movie. The boldest ones went to sleep at 5 o’clock in the morning.

The last day of the camp (Sunday), was again full of fun. People played golf. Yes they did… a field was prepared for “high grass” golf, using a ball of 4 times bigger than the original and also much lighter. But still people had a lot of fun. Also people where playing volleyball (our most favorite game) and “sock tennis”, a really fun contest.

Summer is a great time to share our faith of God with others. This is a great time to meet and get better acquainted with other people, to sing and praise the Lord, to support good ideas and make plans for the new upcoming season. I hope that all of us who participated in this camp got something to think about, something to remember about. After all, we talked about the Law of Love — the most important law in the universe. Many said, that this was the best youth camp for a long time.

Andres Ploompuu,
Estonian Communication department director