Youth Church Organises It’s First Worship Meeting

Kaunas, LITHUANIA. January 14th was historic and very special day for Kaunas “Mira” Youth Church (it is still a group according to it’s status), because it was the first Sabbath worship that was organised by “Mira” Church young people. It all started two years ago as a Global Mission project to start a youth church […]

Korinta Church

Korinta essentially was a dream of a place, where young people’s lives could be touched and changed. Where lonely would find fellowship, thirsty would share a worship experience with other Christians and longing hearts would find Christ. Korinta is located in the very centre of Riga, the capital of Latvia. The ministries of Korinta and […]

Camp Meeting in Lithuania

Šiauliai, Lithuania. From July 31 until August 2 in Šiaulai Adventist church organized camp meeting which was attended by approximately 300 people. It has become a tradition to have a camp meeting each summer. This camp meeting attracted many people from all over Lithuania. This year guest speaker was Pastor N. Butoi and professor J. […]