• Job vacancy

    We are looking for Executive Assistant/Accounting Assistant to join our team in Baltic Union of Seventh-day Adventists for a full time job.

  • BA in Religion – for me?

    Amidst all the anxiety, the year 2021 also brings some good news – one of which is the opportunity to get Adventist higher education without leaving the Baltics. Already this coming September a BA program will be provided for Baltic Union by Newbold College in affiliation with Andrews University to prepare both pastors and lay members to stand firm in their Biblical knowledge and to actively partake in church ministry.  There are so many reasons, why an opportunity to receive education in one’s homeland is significant for our ministers and why the Baltic Union team devotes so much attention to expanding these opportunities. Churches may be praying that their pastor…

  • Baltic Union Executive Committee meeting

    On July 2, in Riga, Latvia, new Executive Committee (ExCom) of Baltic Union of Seventh-day Adventists (BAUC) held its first regular meeting. 18 Committee members, 2 invitees and Trans-European Division (TED) President Raafat Kamal discussed a number of issues and made decisions. The following is an overview of the main decisions: Authorizing the Administrative Committee (AdCom) ExCom authorized the AdCom within accepted limits and nominated the AdCom as follows: Ivo Käsk – Union President, Daumands Sokolovskis – Union Executive Secretary, Jaanus-Janari Kogerman – Union Treasurer, Vilnis Latgalis – Latvian Conference President, Andres Ploompuu – Estonian Conference President, Valius Eičinas – Lithuanian Conference President. Approving the workload of the BAUC Officers between…

  • Baltic Union Constituency Meeting 2019

    On May 23-25, in Riga, Latvia, Baltic Union Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church held its regular Constituency Meeting.  Delegates from all three Baltic countries came to review what’s been done, to amend BAUC Constitution and Bylaws and elect new Union leadership for the next five years. Altogether 61 delegates from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania gathered for the Constituency Meeting.  13 delegates represented Baltic Union, 10 delegates — Estonian Conference (1 delegate missing from the meeting), 26 delegates — Latvian Conference, 6 delegates — Lithuanian Conference plus 4 delegates were invitees. Also, all three officers of the Trans-European Division were present in the Constituency Meeting – President Raafat Kamal, Secretary Audrey…

  • BAUC Constituency Meeting

    «Walk in The Light» 1 John 1:7 In 23–25 May we will have Baltic Union Conference Constituency meeting. It will be held in 12a Baznicas Str., Riga, Latvia. 62 delegates from the Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian conferences comprising BAUC will come together to amend BAUC Constitution and Bylaws, and to choose new BAUC administration and Executive Committee for the next five years.

  • Coaching for Spiritual Growth

    Coaching for Spiritual Growth

    We live in the information age – all the answers to our questions seems to be just one click away, and it can happen that if parents do not know the answer to a child’s question then Google does. In such a time of history, the art of asking good questions becomes more important than ever before. When people are “bombarded” with a constant flow of information, they tend to grasp just some points of something, and “digging deeper” becomes increasingly difficult. Good questions, rightly asked seem to have the ability to stop us in our everyday hustle and bustle, and make us think deeply about some important issues of…

  • CREATION Health training

    CREATION Health training

    God has blessed Seventh-day Adventists with a health message that has resulted in better health and longer lives according to Blue Zones research and Adventist Health Studies. CREATION Health is the essence of the Adventist health message, put into a contemporary language and supported by the evidence-based Science. From 12th to 14th April, church members of the Baltic Union Conference, who were and are interested in the health ministry, came together to learn about CREATION Health, share their experiences when conducting CREATION Health seminars, and to meet the CREATION Health people from the USA: Robyn Edgerton, who is the Directr of Mission Strategy for AdventHealth, and Lynell LaMountain, who is…

  • Bible Conference for pastors in Cēsis, Latvia

    Bible Conference for Pastors

    [21–24 March, Cēsis, Latvia] For four days 56 pastors and church administrators from three Baltic countries gathered in Cēsis to take part in the Bible conference organised by the Baltic Union Conference Ministerial Association. Special emphasis was on the book of Revelation and Seventh-day Adventist doctrines which are related to this book. Laszlo Gallusz, senior lecturer in New Testament studies at Belgrade Theological Seminary, presented historical background of the book of Revelation, and The Centre of Revelation. Jiří Moskala, professor of Old Testament Exegesis and Theology, presented lectures on the Pre-advent judgement, Adventist identity, and Three angels messages. Many pastors said they appreciate lecture about Jesus as a Mediator, because…