Church Leaders Discuss Church Planting Strategies

Church Leaders' Meeting in Otepää, Estonia. May 2006.
Church Leaders’ Meeting in Otepää, Estonia. May 2006.
May 28–29, 2006. Otepää, Estonia. The leaders of the Adventist church in the Baltic countries met together in Otepää to dicuss the BAUC Team Contract. The vision is to “Inspire and help our ministers and group leaders to build up the church planting movement up to the year 2010 and include it in the Strategic plans of each entity of the Baltic Union Conference”.

The leaders spent two days in the active and fruitful discussions preparing strategies which will be further discussed and elaborated in the Trans-European Division (TED) leadership meetings which will be held this fall in Belgrad, Serbia.

In the meeting Baltic Union Conference was represented by its president Valdis Zilgalvis and LIFEdevelopment, Church Planting and Natural Church Development coordinator Guntis Bukalders; Estonian Conference was represented by its president Tõnu Jugar, and Lithuanian Mission by its president Bertold Vinston Hibner.

“At the end of the session we all were convinced about the importance of such meetings,” said Valdis Zilgalvis, BAUC president, “and we agreed to organise another meeting at the end of July in Latvia, where Global Mission coordinator, Church Planting and LIFEdevelopment leaders will also be invited.”

Guntis Bukalders,
Baltic Union Conference Communication Director