General Conference Session: Trans-European Division Elections

General Conference Session 2005 in St Louis, USA
General Conference Session 2005 in St Louis, USA

Field Secretary, Global Mission and Mission Awareness Co-ordinator, Stewardship director – Donald McFarlane, elected
Assistant Secretary – Patricia Swan, re-elected
Associate Treasurer – Dean Papaioannou, re-elected
Assistant Treasurer – Rejoice Kampengele, elected
ADRA & Ingathering – Rafat Kamal, elected
Children’s Ministries & Women’s Ministries – Anne-May Wollan, re-elected
Co-ordinator of Evangelism, Church Revitalisation & Church Planting – Janos Kovacs-Biro, elected
Communication & Publishing – Miroslav Pujic, re-elected
Education & Ministerial Association – Daniel Duda, elected
Family & Youth Ministries – Paul Tompkins, re-elected
Health Ministries, Sabbath School & Personal Ministries – Paul Clee, re-elected

“I feel very grateful for those who have served the Division in the past with distinction” said Bertil Wiklander, president of the Trans-European region (TED). “We have all been blessed by committed departmental directors and colleagues in the office.” On the question about the future he said, “As we look to the coming five years we have now decided to make some changes which I believe is for the good of the church and we have brought in some new people and I just look forward to building a good team spirit and make sure that we address the many challenges that we have.” In response to a question about the main focus for the next quinquennium he replied, “I would like to underline very strongly that the church in the TED is and will be committed to church revitalisation and evangelism including church planting among other forms of evangelism. Church planting remains something very close to our hearts and we hope the new leaders will find not only good ideas but also a team approach to church planting that will set a good example for members who are working with us.”

Referring to the newly elected team, Wiklander commented, “I wish God’s blessing on those who have been elected today. I am very glad about the good spirit that we have had in our delegation as we voted this new team.”

The TED delegation voted a motion of appreciation for those who move on to other assignments. These are, John Arthur, Roy Richardson, Peter Roennfeldt, Michael Thorman and Orville Woolford. The delegates acknowledge their good work and contribution to the Church in the Trans-European region. “We want to thank them from our hearts for what they have done and we know that the Lord will use them in the future elsewhere in His church” concluded Wiklander.

After the ninety-eight TED delegates voted the new departmental directors, a number of them shared their thoughts, exclusively for ANR.

Valdis Zilgalvis, president of the Baltic Union stated that with the major changes in personnel, “The delegates were reflecting the desire to emphasise the need for teamwork which is so important today. This is a new direction”, he said.

David Penner, Newbold principal noted that “While change is often difficult and painful, it also has allowed the Division to refocus on its mission for the next five years with new energies.”

Branko Bistrovic, president of the Adriatic Union remarked, “I am happy about the continuity of the officers, and there is also some change and fresh blood particularly regarding our outreach.”

Commenting on the nominating committee process, Ole Kendal, president of the Danish Union noted, “It has been positive — there was a tremendous openness to give you opinions.”

Orville Woolford, whose 20 year term has now finished declared, “It’s been a fantastic twenty years, in which I have been privileged to see the Lord’s working in the development of our fields, and I have the absolute assurance that God will use the dedicated individuals chosen for this quinquennium to fulfil His will in our challenging field.”

Pat Swan, now in her fourtieth year in working for the church, and twenty-fifth for the Division, also noted the big changes in the new team. “The new directors bring a lot of expertise with them. I really hope they will continue to work well as a team as they have in the past.”

Source: Adventist News Review [ANR]