Latvia: Bible Seminars in Rīga — Imanta and Bolderāja

October 16 – November 15. Thomas R. Neslund, Executive Director of ICPA (International Commission for Prevention of Alcoholism and Drug Dependency), came back to Latvia again to conduct Bible seminars in Bolderaja and Imanta, two major districts in Riga, Latvia capital city. It’s getting colder and therefore we were surprised by people response, who came even to unheated movie theater to listen to the Gospel message. At first night we experienced trouble with sound system — voltage was so low, that equipment’s lights were on, but there was no sound from loudspeakers. So on the second day the singers arrived: Doris Smith, Carol Thomas and Raymond Keitts.

We have to admit that Raymond Keitts already was in Latvia once a few years ago in the Bible seminar in Cesis. It left such impression on him that he promised to visit Latvia again. He also sang some Latvian sacred songs. In a meantime he learned more than 50 Latvian sacred songs in America and it was great surprise for Latvians to discover that black man from America can sing songs also in Latvian!

(Bolderaja has mostly Russian population, but in Imanta are mostly Latvians.)

Guntis Bukalders,
Baltic Union Conference Communication Director