Pathfinder training in Baltics

On September 22-25 of 2016, BAUC youth department has organised Pathfinder leadership training in Daunoriai village, Lithuania. This much needed training was conducted by the team of Pathfinder leaders from USA. Leader of the team Jonatan Tejel (GC Pathfinder director) has brought along with himself three trusted friends Mark O’Fill (Bible teacher and chaplain at Atholton Adventist Academy in the Columbia Union, Chesapeake Conference), Lile Petry (A carpenter and an ordained elder of Ellijay SDA Church)  and John Swafford (retired pastor and teacher  who served as Georgia – Cumberland Conference Pathfinder/ Adventurer/ Children’s Ministry Director) who spent four days training leaders from all three Baltic countries. The group of almost 40 people was not only provided with the basics of starting the pathfinder ministry in their local church but also had an opportunity to ask questions and get guidance on how to better lead the existing pathfinder club.

In the words of the Jonatan Tejel: ‘This was an initial visit to Baltic countries without knowing much about the real needs and the context of pathfinder ministry. Our training was done in more general way. We are already planning our next visit to Baltic countries in 2018. And this time we feel that we will be able to provide even more useful service for our leaders since we now know more about the unique contexts of pathfinder ministry in three different Baltic countries.”


Leadership training event was also visited by newly elected TED pathfinder director Peter Bo Bohsen. His visit was also very much appreciated since it opened new possibilities for strengthening pathfinder ministry in future.




The Seventh-day Adventist Church is committed to understanding young people and training its youth for leadership and service to humanity.

The Adventurer Club ministry is open to all children ages 6-9, in which the church, home and school join together to help children grow joyfully in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man and is offered to assist parents in making the development of their child richer and more meaningful.
The Pathfinder Club is a church-centered spiritual-recreational-activity program designed for young people 10 to 15 years of age.
The Ambassador Club exists primarily to provide Senior Youth with an organized structured system that will promote active involvement of its membership in their church (local and global) as well as their community, while providing them with opportunities to discover their God-given talents and life vocation.