Tithe Theology Seminar in Estonia

During the seminar
During the seminar
Seminar participants
Seminar participants
Jihvi, Estonia. In April 3 Baltic Union Conference Stewardship department organised seminar “Theology of Tithe”. Invited were not just church pastors, elders and treasurers, but also lay members — everyone who was interested in this topic. Seminar was attended by about 20 church members from Narva, Jihvi and Silamae churches, and together they studied what the Bible says about the Tithe and its purpose.

Seminar studies revealed that tithe giving is testimony to our faithful and loving relationships with our Lord and Savior. Tithe always should be given to the Lord, because it is holy, and God is using it to support Gospel ministers.

After the seminar local church pastor Vitaly Miroshnitshenko said: “In this seminar we heard lots of new information about the tithe. This exposition of the topic was so interesting that we forgot our questions we wanted to ask! We remembered them only when seminar was closed.”

Baltic Union Conference Stewardship department has planned to provide such seminars in different churches throughout all three Baltic countries. The next seminar will be held in Panevezhis, Lithuania, in April 23.

If you have some interesting experience with God regarding giving, or not giving the Tithe, please write it and send to this e-mail: zigurds@baznica.lv, or to the Baltic Union Conference postal address (to Steardship department).

Zigurds Laudurgs,
Baltic Union Conference Stewardship department director

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