Evangelism & Mission

  • 40 Days of Prayer

    Join the upcoming worldwide 40 Days of Prayer (3 May – 11 June 2022) and unite in prayer with believers from around the globe.

  • BAUC Departmental Weekend. Turbas, Latvia

    Departmental Weekend

    21–23 September 2018. «Turbas», Latvia By Guntis Bukalders, BAUC Executive Secretary Almost 60 department leaders with their teams from Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian conferences and church administrators came together for a departmental weekend in «Turbas», Latvia, to meet each other, share their joys and challenges, listen to and pray for each other. We had several guest speakers invited from the Trans–European Division — Karen Holford, Zlatko Musija and Peter Bo Bohsen. The seed of an idea to have a weekend-long get-together for the department leaders of Baltic Union Conference was sown in 2017 after the first combined Union-wide Advisory for the Family, Children’s and Women’s Ministries departments. Almost all participants of…

  • Messy Church in Tartu, Estonia

    The «Messy Church» and «Girls for Christ» training in Estonia

    On 17 June 2017, the active members of Tartu Adventist church (Estonia) came together to learn about Messy Church. The concept of Messy Church was actually born in Church of England, when a group at St. Wilfrid’s in Cowplain were frustrated because they did not seem to reach children with God’s story (https://www.messychurch.org.uk). So, they tried to create something interesting and appealing to all ages, and as the results showed, they succeeded. The idea spread quickly across the denominational borders. Now, many Seventh Day Adventist churches have embraced the idea of Messy Church and organise it successfully in many countries. In the Baltic Union, there are Messy Churches already in…

  • BAUC Matrix on Evangelism. (2017.05.17)

    Matrix on evangelism

    17 May 2017, Rīga, Latvia. BAUC team invited Adventist church leaders from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia to come together for ‘Matrix on Evangelism’ to discuss the current situation of Adventist church in the Baltic countries. The purpose of such a meeting was to initiate an open discussion on challenges that we face and to start looking for the common strategic ideas that would be relevant and common for all three countries. First part of the one-day meeting was devoted to understanding the recent membership trends in the local conferences and exploring possible reasons for the decline in baptisms and worship service attendance. Second part of the day involved hearing positive…

  • Health Evangelism Training Camp in the BAUC

    Health Evangelism Training Camp What is an Adventist Health Message? Is it only for Adventists or can it benefit others as well? How to have a balanced and Christ-centered approach in Health Ministry? Why does this message that should unite us, sometimes cause conflicts? What is a Health EXPO and how to organise one? What can I do to answer Jesus’ call: “Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received; freely give” (Matthew 10:8)? And where can I learn about it? Have you ever asked these questions? I think, many Adventists have, and therefore, we were looking for the opportunities…

  • SEEDS conference in Baltic Union

    International ‘SEEDS’ conference (September 25-26, 2015) on church planting and church health (NCD) was memorable vent in more than one way. First of all, it was the first event of such kind in many years. Experience shows that church planting is really struggling in Baltic countries (and not only among Adventists) because it is still seen as additional to church life and not as one of the main mission of the church. Therefore, it was really encouraging to see all things come together in one major event in Riga, Latvia. Secondly, more than two hundred participants (pastors, administrators and lay members) from all three Baltic countries showed that Holy Spirit…

  • New Department Leaders Elected

    Rīga, Latvia. On June 1, 2014, according to the mandate of the BAUC Constituency meeting, BAUC Executive Committee on its first regular meeting elected Union department leaders: Ministerial department and Education department director — Viesturs Reķis (Latvia) Mission & Evangelism department and Youth department — Mindaugas Pikūnas (Lithuania) Women’s Ministries, Children’s department and Health Ministries — Alla Nõmmik (Estonia) It also appointed Zigurds Laudurgs as Trust services, Stewardship and Literature departments director and Guntis Bukalders as Communications department director. Executive Committee also elected Administrative Committee and Presidential Committee and accepted their terms of reference, and approved Union administration’s travel amendments.

  • Mission To The Cities Meeting in London

    London, England. 6 people from the Baltic Union Conference had opportunity to spend 10 days in London and to take part in the Mission to the Cities (MTTC) evangelistic series. Each day we had to travel to different evangelistic events and see how it’s done by pastors and lay members in London. Here’s what our group members told after the event: Mindaugas Pikunas, a pastor from Lithuania: “I feel really privileged to have been invited to take part in MTTC in London. Although program was intense from morning till evening, I did not feel tired or exhausted at all. Morning sessions were useful. And afternoon field visitations where inspiring. I…