Church Organisation

  • Lithuanian Conference Session

    Delegates from the church in Lithuania met between September 16 and 17 at Kaunas for another Session, to review the last four years of the Conference’s activity and to elect the leadership for the next term.

  • BAUC Constituency Meeting

    «Walk in The Light» 1 John 1:7 In 23–25 May we will have Baltic Union Conference Constituency meeting. It will be held in 12a Baznicas Str., Riga, Latvia. 62 delegates from the Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian conferences comprising BAUC will come together to amend BAUC Constitution and Bylaws, and to choose new BAUC administration and Executive Committee for the next five years.

  • New Leadership Elected in the Lithuanian Conference

    28–30 September, 2017, Kaunas, LITHUANIA. 54 delegates from the 18 Adventist churches in Lithuania gathered to the Lithuanian Conference 8th constituency meeting. The theme of the constituency meeting was chosen from the book of Revelation 14:7 “Fear God and give glory to Him, for the hour of His judgment has come; and worship Him who made heaven and earth, the sea and springs of water.” This Bible text is very dear to all Adventist church members and is part of the Adventist Church mission statement. Opening the constituency meeting, Lithuanian Conference president Bertold Hibner expressed his thanks to the outgoing conference administration and the departmental leaders. After musical presentations both…

  • Ninety Year Marker For Adventists In Lithuania

    29 April 2017 | Kaunas, Lithuania. Adventists from across Lithuania and beyond joined together on Saturday, 29 April for a 90th birthday celebration. Participants were in a festive mood as the opera singer, Nomeda Kukulskienė performed, as well as the Kaunas Church adult choir, and the youth choir from the Kaunas, Kėdainiai and Šiauliai churches. Bertold Hibner, President of the Lithuanian Conference emphasised in his greeting that, “First of all we need to give glory to the Lord Jesus Christ for His wonderful love and faithfulness. God has protected the Adventist church in Lithuania through many difficult times such as World War II and during the Soviet Union occupation, and…

  • BAUC President David Nõmmik (front centre) and Lithuanian Conference President Bertold Hibner (front right)

    BAUC Leaders Train Lithuanian Pastors

    5 September 2016, Kaunas, Lithuania. BAUC leaders met with the Lithuanian Conference church administration and pastors to discuss their ministry challenges and how to improve church mission in Lithuania. In the opening speech BAUC Secretary Guntis Bukalders encouraged church leaders to think how they could be blessing to somebody. BAUC President David Nõmmik encouraged pastors and church leaders to be trainers of lay people in effective witnessing. He arranged pastors, bible and mission workers in four groups according to their temperaments in order to have teamwork. He mentioned that God deals with each according to his temperament and character, and we must cooperate with Him. He alone knows exactly the…

  • Affirming Women In Church Leadership

    Riga, Latvia, 13 December 2015. Baltic Union Conference Executive Committee in its year-end meeting in Riga affirmed document which was accepted by the Executive Committee of the Trans–European Division in its year-end meeting in Montenegro (2015.11.17). The full statement endorses the October 2015 Annual Council statement issued by the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church that was intended to give assurance to women, and in particular to ministers and elders, that the Church recognises that they are ‘called, gifted and committed to the service of the Church’. The affirmation is equally intended to discourage those who have chosen to negatively exploit the vote regarding the ordination of women taken…

  • Aarne Kriisk

    In memoriam Aarne Kriisk (1944–2015)

    Pastor Emeritus Aarne Kriisk passed away in the morning of 31st January 2015. Aarne Kriisk, who celebrated his 71st birthday last Wednesday, 28 January, was baptised by pastor August Aug, and became a member of the Adventist Church on 3 June 1962. He was ordained to the pastoral ministry on 9 October 1976. Before the ordination he worked as a non-ordained pastor in Haapsalu (1970–1971) and Valga (1972–1976). In 1976 he was commissioned to work in Türi Adventist Church and after that in 1978 in the Tallinn I Church. From 1979–1988 Aarne served the church as the Estonian Conference president, and after that again as a pastor in Tallinn I…

  • BAUC Secretariat Assessment. Riga, Latvia

    Secretariat Survey

    At the beginning of the quinquennium General Conference and the Trans–European Division Secretariat initiated assessments for union secretariats. The Secretariat assessment works in a similar way to the annual financial audit. Representatives from the General Conference, Division and other union secretaries join local representatives, to look at the routines and work that is being done. In 21–22 January Baltic Union Conference Secretariat had such an assessment survey. It was conducted by Harald Wollan, General Conference Associate Secretary, and Audrey Andersson, Executive Secretary of the Trans-European Division. As usual, several other union secretaries joined our survey — Paul Lockham, Executive Secretary of the British Union Conference and Neven Klačmer, Executive Secretary…

  • New Department Leaders Elected

    Rīga, Latvia. On June 1, 2014, according to the mandate of the BAUC Constituency meeting, BAUC Executive Committee on its first regular meeting elected Union department leaders: Ministerial department and Education department director — Viesturs Reķis (Latvia) Mission & Evangelism department and Youth department — Mindaugas Pikūnas (Lithuania) Women’s Ministries, Children’s department and Health Ministries — Alla Nõmmik (Estonia) It also appointed Zigurds Laudurgs as Trust services, Stewardship and Literature departments director and Guntis Bukalders as Communications department director. Executive Committee also elected Administrative Committee and Presidential Committee and accepted their terms of reference, and approved Union administration’s travel amendments.