• Scholarship winner 2021

    We are happy to announce that receiver of 2021 Scholarship is Monika Truce. Student from Latvia, who studies in Rīga Stradiņš University as a dental hygienist.

  • Study Scholarship 2021

    Baltic Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists offers wonderful opportunity for a student to receive 1000 Euro study scholarship.

  • Baltic Union Executive Committee meeting

    On July 2, in Riga, Latvia, new Executive Committee (ExCom) of Baltic Union of Seventh-day Adventists (BAUC) held its first regular meeting. 18 Committee members, 2 invitees and Trans-European Division (TED) President Raafat Kamal discussed a number of issues and made decisions. The following is an overview of the main decisions: Authorizing the Administrative Committee (AdCom) ExCom authorized the AdCom within accepted limits and nominated the AdCom as follows: Ivo Käsk – Union President, Daumands Sokolovskis – Union Executive Secretary, Jaanus-Janari Kogerman – Union Treasurer, Vilnis Latgalis – Latvian Conference President, Andres Ploompuu – Estonian Conference President, Valius Eičinas – Lithuanian Conference President. Approving the workload of the BAUC Officers between…

  • Estonian Conference held its Constituency Meeting, new leader elected

    On June 14-16 in Tallinn, Estonian Conference of Seventh-day Adventists held its regular Constituency Meeting, which was the 40th Constituency Meeting in the Conference. The motto of the three-day session was “It is possible!” The same motto will be the title for the next four years in the Conference. The session started with the business meeting on Friday, June 14, chaired by the Baltic Union president Ivo Käsk, acting last days also as the president of Estonian Conference. On the first day of business, the delegates discussed changes to the Constitution and Bylaws and made a number of amendments. Most of the changes reflected the amendments been made to the model…

  • Baltic Union Constituency Meeting 2019

    On May 23-25, in Riga, Latvia, Baltic Union Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church held its regular Constituency Meeting.  Delegates from all three Baltic countries came to review what’s been done, to amend BAUC Constitution and Bylaws and elect new Union leadership for the next five years. Altogether 61 delegates from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania gathered for the Constituency Meeting.  13 delegates represented Baltic Union, 10 delegates — Estonian Conference (1 delegate missing from the meeting), 26 delegates — Latvian Conference, 6 delegates — Lithuanian Conference plus 4 delegates were invitees. Also, all three officers of the Trans-European Division were present in the Constituency Meeting – President Raafat Kamal, Secretary Audrey…