• BAUC Constituency Meeting

    «Walk in The Light» 1 John 1:7 In 23–25 May we will have Baltic Union Conference Constituency meeting. It will be held in 12a Baznicas Str., Riga, Latvia. 62 delegates from the Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian conferences comprising BAUC will come together to amend BAUC Constitution and Bylaws, and to choose new BAUC administration and Executive Committee for the next five years.

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  • Coaching for Spiritual Growth

    Coaching for Spiritual Growth

    We live in the information age – all the answers to our questions seems to be just one click away, and it can happen that if parents do not know the answer to a child’s question then Google does. In such a time of history, the art of asking good questions becomes more important than ever before. When people are “bombarded” with a constant flow of information, they tend to grasp just some points of something, and “digging deeper” becomes increasingly difficult. Good questions, rightly asked seem to have the ability to stop us in our everyday hustle and bustle, and make us think deeply about some important issues of…

  • CREATION Health training

    CREATION Health training

    God has blessed Seventh-day Adventists with a health message that has resulted in better health and longer lives according to Blue Zones research and Adventist Health Studies. CREATION Health is the essence of the Adventist health message, put into a contemporary language and supported by the evidence-based Science. From 12th to 14th April, church members of the Baltic Union Conference, who were and are interested in the health ministry, came together to learn about CREATION Health, share their experiences when conducting CREATION Health seminars, and to meet the CREATION Health people from the USA: Robyn Edgerton, who is the Directr of Mission Strategy for AdventHealth, and Lynell LaMountain, who is…

  • Bible Conference for pastors in Cēsis, Latvia

    Bible Conference for Pastors

    [21–24 March, Cēsis, Latvia] For four days 56 pastors and church administrators from three Baltic countries gathered in Cēsis to take part in the Bible conference organised by the Baltic Union Conference Ministerial Association. Special emphasis was on the book of Revelation and Seventh-day Adventist doctrines which are related to this book. Laszlo Gallusz, senior lecturer in New Testament studies at Belgrade Theological Seminary, presented historical background of the book of Revelation, and The Centre of Revelation. Jiří Moskala, professor of Old Testament Exegesis and Theology, presented lectures on the Pre-advent judgement, Adventist identity, and Three angels messages. Many pastors said they appreciate lecture about Jesus as a Mediator, because…

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  • Mental Health Course in the BAUC

    Mental Health Course in the BAUC

    On 27th January 2019, the last module of a three-part mental health course Binding up the broken-hearted was conducted in the Baltic Union. The course was meant primarily for the departmental leaders and their teams, whose work in church includes a lot of communication with church members, as well as people from local communities. We live in a sinful world among broken people, and church is not exception in that sense. What can we do to help those around us, what can we do to help ourselves? We can learn to listen, to understand, and to be compassionate. Paul says, “Be kindly affectionate to one another with brotherly love ……

  • Leading Them to the Father

    Leading them to the Father Children are precious treasures in our church. Where there are children in Sabbath School and in Divine Service, the church seems to come alive — these curious eyes, heartfelt smiles, soft little hands, and running feet – all these signs tell us that this church will continue in years to come. Children in church are also our responsibility. All we say and do influences them. How can we best share God’s Word with them and teach them Christian values? On 18th November Clair Sanches-Schutte, the Children and Women Ministries Department Director of the TED, and Karen Holford, the Family Ministries Department Director of the TED,…

  • BAUC Departmental Weekend. Turbas, Latvia

    Departmental Weekend

    21–23 September 2018. «Turbas», Latvia By Guntis Bukalders, BAUC Executive Secretary Almost 60 department leaders with their teams from Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian conferences and church administrators came together for a departmental weekend in «Turbas», Latvia, to meet each other, share their joys and challenges, listen to and pray for each other. We had several guest speakers invited from the Trans–European Division — Karen Holford, Zlatko Musija and Peter Bo Bohsen. The seed of an idea to have a weekend-long get-together for the department leaders of Baltic Union Conference was sown in 2017 after the first combined Union-wide Advisory for the Family, Children’s and Women’s Ministries departments. Almost all participants of…

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  • One room in the Romanian Palace of the Parliament

    2nd European Health Conference in Bucharest, Part II

    2nd European Health Conference in Bucharest, Part II   The third day of the conference Vitriato Ferreira, MBChB Key factors in achieving and maintaining normal weight According to OECD there are more and more people overweight and obese. And more and more young people become overweight and obese. The results are heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, etc. Children exercise less and eat more. Body Mass Index is not the best measure to decide about overweight or obesity. It becomes inaccurate if a person is very tall and slim. The best marker is your waist circumference. It shows whether you are at higher risk for type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure,…

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  • The main speaker Valerie Dufour

    2nd European Health Conference in Bucharest, Part I

    2nd European Health Conference in Bucharest, Part I   The first day of the conference The title of this conference is Reversing Diseases with Lifestyle Medicine. Sharing health, healing and hope. The conference was opened by beautiful music and with the greetings from the GC president Ted Wilson that was followed by the words of the Romanian Union president, who welcomed the participants of the conference with salt and bread as it is a tradition in Romania. The main speaker of the first evening was Valerie Dofour, the Director of Health Ministries Department of the Inter-European Division. She started her presentation with an old legend of the blind men, who…

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  • A course Binding up the brokenhearted

    Binding Up The Brokenhearted

    The Lord builds up Jerusalem; He gathers together the outcasts of Israel. He heals the brokenhearted And binds up their wounds. Psalm 147:2.3 Christ is a Healer. He was a Healer for Israelites, who in exile were afflicted with grief and troubles, longing for their homeland, crushed with sorrow and shame, and He is a great Healer today, renewing our spirit and giving us hope. He invites His followers to participate in this healing work helping those around them. Pastors and lay leaders in church have answered Christ’s calling. They work for people and with people, allowing God to use them to bless others. Although God will use people, who…